How to soundproof a wall shared with a neighbor

Electric wall plug at a green wall image by Anatoly Tiplyashin from

While living in an apartment has its benefits, it also has its drawbacks. Since you live in such close proximity with your neighbours, sound often leaks through the walls and you can hear their television, music and conversations. However, there are ways to soundproof a wall to reduce excessive noise. So instead of blasting your music to counter the noise, try this method to gain back your privacy.

Add rugs and curtains to the room you want to soundproof since fabric absorbs sound.

Line the wall with furniture like bookcases to help drown out the noise. Place your sofa or dresser there to help put space between you and the wall.

Purchase a white noise maker. Leaving it on can help cut down the noise coming from the other apartment.

Buy soundproof paint at your local paint store. Apply a coat of soundproof paint, with your landlord's permission, to the wall and ceiling.

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