How to clean sticky film from laminate flooring

Digital Vision./Digital Vision/Getty Images

Laminate flooring can become sticky for a number of reasons. Someone may have spilt something on your laminate floor, or you may have even used the wrong cleaning products on the floor that left behind a sticky residue.

No matter what the issue, you want to use something that safely removes all of that sticky film without causing any type of damage to your laminate. You also want to use a cleaner that leaves behind no residue of its own, and a homemade cleaner will successfully meet all of these requirements.

Mix 1 gallon warm water and 1/2 cup white vinegar in your cleaning bucket.

Dip a mop in the cleaning solution and squeeze out your mop. Squeeze out as much liquid as possible so you don't oversaturate the laminate flooring, as this can lead to swelling and cracking of the laminate.

Wipe the mop over your sticky laminate floor, and continue until all of the sticky residue is removed.

Let the floor air dry, and rub your hand across the floor to make sure all film is removed. If any sticky residue remains, repeat the cleaning procedure.