How to Repair Minolta Binoculars

Konica Minolta produced a range of binoculars designed for wildlife and bird watching. The company has retired the product line, but the optics remain for sale in aftermarket stores and online auction websites. The binoculars came in a variety of lens magnifications and diameter widths, from 10x50 to 5x42.

Various methods can be used to repair and maintain the optics, extending their useful life.

Open the binocular barrels as wide apart as possible. Tighten any screws and attachment bolts at the connection points and brackets between the barrels. Tighten down the focus dial by turning the centre screw so the dial remains firm, yet movable when pressed.

Spray lens cleaner onto the barrel lenses. Wipe them down with the chamois and allow to dry. Repeat this process on the eye glass optics.

Blow compressed air onto the lenses and eyepieces to clean off any lint or dust particles.

Apply one drop of 3-in-1 oil onto each screw and moving dial. Wipe away any excess.