How to Get a Key Out of a Stuck VW Passat

Car key image by Corneliu C from

Some Volkswagen Passats have an immobiliser system in place to prevent theft. When you insert an unauthorised key into the ignition, the immobiliser will engage and lock the key in place. You will not be able to pull the key out of the ignition without knowing the steps to disengage the lock. The only other alternative is to call a VW dealership to help remove the key. You can avoid the tow fee by learning how to remove the key yourself.

Make sure the Passat is in "Park."

Press the brake pedal down and hold it there.

Press the "Shift" button on the automatic gear lever three times. This is the button you press on the top front of the lever that lets you switch between gear modes such as neutral, park and drive.

Pull the key out of the ignition. If this did not work, move the automatic gear from "Park" to "Drive" and then back three times. Try to remove the key again.

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