Adidas Candy Watch Instructions

John Howard/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Adidas candy watches are 10-lap memory digital watches that come in a variety of colours for both men and women. Candy watches have a sleek design suitable for sports and are also water-resistant for a depth of up to 50 meters.

If you have one of these watches, you can set the real time display, alarms, timers and other settings using the four buttons located on the side of the watch.

Set the real time display mode by pressing the "A" button on the top left side of the watch.

Press the "C" button on the top right side of the watch. This will let you toggle between Time 1 and Time 2 settings.

Press "C" again and hold it to set your selection as the default timer.

Press the "D" button located on the bottom right side of the watch to turn the chimer on or off.

Set your clock's time management settings and calendar by pressing "A." The chime will begin to flash, letting you know you are in setting mode.

Press "C" to increase the value and "D" to decrease the value. Press "B" on the bottom left side to move to the next value.

Press "A" to save the settings and exit the mode.

Press "B" to enter the timer mode and then "A" to enter the setting mode. The timer type will start flashing when you have done this.

Press "C" and "D" to select the different timer settings such as count down, stop, count down repeat or count up timer.

Press "B" to move to the next setting and "C" and "D" to increase or decrease respectively.

Press "A" to save and exit the timer setting mode.

Press "B" to enter alarm mode and use "C" to toggle through the different types of alarms. There are four to choose from.

Press "D" to enable the alarm.

Press "A" to enter the time for your alarm. The hour will start flashing when you enter this mode.

Press "C" to increase and "D" to decrease. Pressing "B" will move on to the next field.

Press "A" to save and exit the setting mode.