How to Adjust an Audi Q5 Headlight

headlights image by Christopher Hall from

The Audi Q5 is a smaller SUV manufactured by Audi since 2009. Like all automobiles, this SUV needs to have its headlights regularly checked for alignment and brightness. If you find a bulb has burnt out, it needs to be replaced immediately. If the beams are shining too high or into oncoming traffic, they need to be adjusted. Luckily, this job is fairly easy to accomplish at home.

Park your Audi Q5 on a level patch of ground with a large wall in front of it. The SUV should be 1 foot away for measurements with 25 feet of room to back up for beam evaluation.

Place a long strip of tape from the centre of the driver's side headlight lens across the centre of the passenger side lens. Then take two small strips of tape and place one vertically over the centre point of each lens.

Measure down 2 inches from the long horizontal strip at the centre point of the passenger's side lens and make an X with the chalk. For the driver's side, measure down 2 inches and 1 inch to the right of the small vertical strip and make an X.

Back the Audi Q5 up 25 feet and turn on the headlights. Open the bonnet and locate the adjustment screws. One will be on the top centre of the headlight assembly, the other on the inside centre. These control the headlight's vertical and horizontal axis.

Move the adjustment screws with a standard screwdriver until the beam from each headlight hits the X.

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