Homemade PVC Room Divider

coude en pvc de 90° image by Marie-Thérèse GUIHAL from Fotolia.com

Room dividers dress up any room, but some room dividers cost a lot. Making a room divider using PVC pipe is a simple, fast and inexpensive process that creates an attractive, decorative room divider. Use the PVC pipe room divider indoors for separating rooms, hiding a messy area or creating a dressing area.

Use the PVC pipe room divider outside to give an area shade or privacy.

Swab some PVC cement inside one end of an elbow, using the tool inside the cement can's lid. Slide one end of a 16-inch piece of pipe into the elbow where you put the glue. Glue another elbow on the other end of the pipe, using the PVC cement. Turn the elbow in the same direction as you glued the first elbow. This forms a squared, flat-bottom "U" shape, making the top of the room divider.

Glue a tee on each end of another 16-inch piece of pipe in the same manner, so it forms an "H" shape. This is the bottom of the room divider.

Place the 5-foot pieces of pipe on a flat surface. Glue the U-shaped piece of pipe to the tops of the 5-foot pieces. Glue the H-shaped piece of pipe to the bottoms of the long pipes. This forms a rectangle. Glue one piece at a time, and hold the joint together for a minute. You want a strong bond on each corner.

Glue a 3 3/4-inch piece of pipe into each tee on the bottom. You have created one panel of the room divider. Make two more panels identical to this panel, following steps 1 to 4.

Lay the three panels on the ground next to each other. Put the sides with the 5-foot pieces of PVC next to each other, so they are touching each other.

Connect the panels together with zip strips. Place one zip strip at the top, and put one on the bottom of the panel sides where they touch.

Lift the top of the panel upward until it is straight up. Bend the panels in a zigzag pattern, so the divider stands freely.

Hang a shower curtain on the first panel, using one set of shower curtain hooks. Hang shower curtains on the remaining panels with the additional sets of shower curtain hooks.