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How to Check the Gear Oil in a Honda Civic

Updated July 20, 2017

Checking the gear oil in a Honda Civic is very a very important maintenance procedure. Failure to keep gear oil at the proper level will result in excessive wear and will significantly shorten the life of the transmission. Unlike many cars, a Honda Civic does not have a dipstick to check the gear oil; however, there is a procedure to check it. There is a check bolt located directly behind the passenger side wheel on the transmission.

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  1. Break loose the lug nuts on the passenger side wheel with the lug wrench. Do not remove them at this time.

  2. Place the floor jack under the recommended lift point for the front passenger side of the car and proceed to lift the car into the air.

  3. Place the jack stand in a safe location and slowly lower the car until it sits securely on the jack stand. Shake the car a bit to ensure it is positioned safely.

  4. Remove the lug nuts completely and pull the wheel and tire away from the vehicle.

  5. Locate the gear oil check bolt. This will be a large bolt that faces the outside of the vehicle and will be easy to recognise as it sticks out a bit from the transmission case. It may be necessary to crawl underneath the vehicle and look up at the side of the transmission to locate, depending on the year of the Honda Civic.

  6. Remove the check bolt with the wrench set. Proper fluid level will be right at the bolt hole, so you may use your finger to gauge how low the fluid may be. If fluid is low, fill it using the recommended fluid through the check hole until it begins to flow out.

  7. Replace the check bolt and tighten it back down. Wipe away any fluid spillage and ensure there is no leakage from the check bolt.

  8. Tip

    The transmission is a sealed system, so if your gear oil is low this could be a sign of a leak or other problem, so be sure to check for leakage elsewhere in the system Gear oil should be checked every six months, so always feel the fluid for metal shavings. If metal shavings are there, change your gear oil.


    Driving the vehicle with little or no gear oil will result in damage to your transmission.

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Things You'll Need

  • Lug wrench
  • Floor jack
  • Jack stand
  • Wrench set

About the Author

Robert Moore

Robert Moore started writing professionally in 2002. His career started has head writer and Web designer for VFW post 1224 in Hamburg, Michigan. He has prepared business plans, proposals and grant requests. Moore is a state of Michigan-certified mechanic and is pursuing an Associate of Arts in automotive technology from Lansing Community College.

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