How to Mount an LCD Plasterboard

Damage to your TV and your wall can occur if you do not install your TV wall mount properly. Mounting a TV to plasterboard requires that you find two vertical studs behind the plasterboard to support the weight of the TV and the wall mount. Once the studs are found, you then need to connect the wall mount to the wall and connect the TV to a bracket that allows the TV to connect to the wall mount.

Use a stud finder to locate two vertical wall studs hidden behind the plasterboard. Use a pencil to draw an outline of the studs on the plasterboard for future reference.

Hold the wall plate against the wall so that the mounting holes located on each corner of the wall plate are lying over the wall studs. Insert a lag bolt that came with the wall mount through each mounting hole and tighten the lag bolts into the wall stud with a wrench.

Attach the TV bracket to the back of the TV by positioning the bracket so the VESA holes line up with the VESA holes on the back of the TV. Insert the VESA screws through the VESA holes and tighten with a Phillips-head screwdriver to connect the TV to the bracket. VESA holes are the little holes found on the back of TVs and wall mounts that allow you to mount your TV to the wall. Your wall mount comes with the VESA screws.

Hold the TV with the screen to your chest and position the attached TV bracket into the connections on the wall plate. When the connections on the TV bracket and wall plate are lined up, insert the security screws through the connections and tighten them with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

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