How to Recycle Plastic CD Cases

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Old CD cases can be bulky and take up unnecessary space. Most people have several empty cases lying around, especially after consolidating their music collection into a CD folder or digital library. Because jewel cases are made from PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, they can be troublesome to dispose of.

Most recycling centres don't accept PVC based items as a part of their program due to the difficulty of recycling the material. To recycle CD cases made from PVC you might have to repurpose the cases or find an equipped recycling centre.

Make sure the CD cases are empty and clean by removing the disk, paper insets, and any stickers from the plastic.

Collect the paper inserts from inside the plastic cases and recycle them if you don't wish to keep them.

Consider recycling the jewel cases by reusing them for other CDs, or making a craft project with them.

Check with your friends and local libraries to see if there is a need for CD cases.

Call your local recycling centres to see if any of them accept jewel cases.

Find a special recycling centre that handles uncommonly recycled materials if local recycling centres don't accept jewel cases. Some centres will recycle CD cases for a fee.