How to Fix a Broken Denture Plate

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Dentures provide many adults the ability and confidence to eat all kinds of food, as well as smile. However, dentures sometimes fall in the bathroom or kitchen while cleaning. They can chip, crack, or even break at the plate. Calling and visiting the dentist for repair provides the ultimate solution, but it is often difficult to be seen right away. Temporary fixes help people function with the dentures until the dentist can be seen.

Place pieces of broken plate in a glass of water. This prevents the form from additional shifting.

Call your dentist's office and see how quickly they can see you.

Purchase a temporary emergency denture repair kit at a local pharmacy, if the dentist cannot see you immediately.

Make sure the broken pieces of the plate are clean, dry and fit together in proper alignment.

Open the repair kit. Dampen the broken edges of the plate with the dropper that comes with the kit, using liquid from a vial.

Pour a level cup of powder from the kit into the enclosed plastic mixing dish.

Add 20 drops of liquid with the dropper and mix immediately with the powder.

Quickly fit the broken pieces together with the mixture; be sure they are in proper alignment.

Hold firmly in place for two to three minutes. Wipe and smooth off any excess mixture.

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