How to macrame around a bottle

bottle image by Yuriy Chertok from

A design of macramé knots around a bottle of an unusual colour or shape is an attractive way of enhancing the bottle and showcasing its beauty. Macramé-covered bottles can be interesting art objects displayed in your home.

Those with a knowledge of basic macramé knots, who have made a few simple items, should have no trouble transferring that knowledge to knotting twine around a bottle. The preference of each artist and the shape of each bottle will determine the arrangement of knots, but some basic principles will apply to all.

Choose a bottle with an interesting shape or colour as the base of your project. For a first time project, a bottle with smooth, symmetrical lines is recommended. Choose a bottle with a lip or ridge near the top on which to rest your mounting cord.

Cut hemp or nylon cords eight times the length of the bottle. Cut cords in multiples of four. The total number of cords needed will depend on how tightly you knot your project, as well as the thickness of the cord. A bottle with a 3 cm (1 1/2 inch) diameter top might require 12 cords, which will be doubled over to create 24 strands.

Pin one of the cut cords to a macramé board. Mount the other cords to this one with a mounting knot by folding each cord in half and placing the loop behind the pinned cord. Draw the ends of the cord up through the loop and pull tight.

Remove the cords from the board. Place the cord with the attached mounted cords around the lip or ring near the top of your bottle, drawing the mounted cords evenly around the bottle. Tie a double half hitch with the left-hand cord onto the right-hand cord. Place the right-hand cord on top of the left, holding the right cord taut. Loop this cord down over the right-hand cord, then under and up through the loop created. Repeat, making another loop to the right of the first for a double half hitch. Pull tight and leave the ends to dangle and be incorporated into your macrame pattern.

Divide the mounted cords into groups of four. Using the two centre cords of each group as "carriers," knot a series of square knots down the bottle neck. Take the right-hand cord and put it over the two centre cords and under the left. Move the left cord under the centre two and up through the loop formed by the right cord. Finish the knot by taking the left cord and putting it over the centre cords and under the right. Draw the right cord under the centre cords and up through the left loop. Pull tight.

Knot a lattice or net effect. Begin where the bottle flares and continue down the full length by redividing the sets of four cords. Take two from each set to create a new four strand group, and tie single square knots around the two centre cords of each group. Leave 2.5 cm (1 inch) of free cord, group the cords in their original pattern and tie another set of square knots. Repeat this pattern all around the bottle until it is covered.

Finish the bottom edge with a row of double half hitches. Trim your cords evenly, leaving a short fringe.