Homemade power washer detergent

A power washer can quickly clean nearly any outdoor surface, and by adding the proper cleaning solution you get a boost in cleaning power. Commercial detergents for these units can be expensive, so making your own solution saves money while cleaning effectively. When making your own homemade power washer detergent, you want to use something that safely cleans your outdoor surface and causes no harm to your surrounding landscape as some chemical ingredients will do.

Fill the fluid canister of the power washer with cleaning solution until you reach the fill line. Pour 1 cup oxygen bleach and 1/4 cup dishwasher detergent into the canister, followed by a 1-gallon jug of water. Keep in mind that measurements do not need to be exact; come as close as you can to the basic measurements.

The oxygen bleach cleans just as well as chemically based bleach products, but contains none of the harmful chemicals that contaminate soil and kill plants and shrubs. The dishwasher detergent is mild, cleans effectively and does not create the powerful soapsuds that multiply quickly when you use basic dish soap. Both liquid and powder detergents work equally well.

Plug in and turn on the unit.

Turn on the power washer and clean your surface.

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