How to Set Up a TCP Port for Emule With Sky Broadband

Sky Broadband supplies Netgear routers which automatically block inbound Internet traffic, like other routers do. The eMule file-sharing client needs to receive inbound traffic on a TCP port to function properly and will display "Low ID" or "Firewalled" as its status if its TCP port isn't set up properly. After configuring the port in eMule and the Sky Broadband router, use eMule's test function to ensure the port is set up properly.

Click the "Options" button on the eMule toolbar.

Click "Connection" at the left side of the Options window.

Note the port displayed in the "TCP" box.

Type "" into your web browser's address bar.

Log in to the router by typing "admin" into the username box, typing "sky" into the password box and pressing "Enter."

Click "Firewall Rules" on the router's configuration page.

Click "Services" and "Add a Custom Service."

Type "eMule TCP" in the name box.

Click "TCP."

Type the TCP port from the Options window into the low and high port boxes.

Click "Apply."

Click the inbound traffic "Add" button.

Click the "Service" box and click "eMule TCP" in the list.

Click the "Action" box and click "Allow Always."

Type the IP address of the computer running eMule into the "Send to LAN Server" box. If you don't know the computer's IP address, find it by clicking "Start," clicking "Control Panel," clicking "View Network Status and Tasks," clicking the connection name under "Access Type: Internet," clicking "Details" and reading the IP address displayed to the right of "IPv4 Address."

Click the "WAN User" box and click "Any."

Click the "Log" box and click "Never."

Click "Apply."

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