DIY Salt dehumidifier

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Humidity can cause excess mould in basements, garages, barns and attics. It can also cause stains and fungus growth on stored items like food, clothing and antiques. Dehumidifiers pull the moisture out of the air and create a dry, cool atmosphere.

Though commercial dehumidifiers can be noisy and pricey, you can create a simple dehumidifier at home with salt.

Flip over your 10 litre (3-gallon) bucket and drill a 7.5cm (3-inch) hole in the centre with your electric hand drill. Let the drill work at its own pace; pushing will only break your bit or the drill itself.

Flip the bucket back over and line the inside with two layers of cheesecloth. The cloth must come up over the edges of the bucket like a trash-can liner.

Slip the 10 litre (3-gallon) bucket into your 20 litre (5-gallon) bucket. Tuck the edges of the cheesecloth into the 20 litre (5-gallon) bucket so it stays in place. The rim of the 10 litre (3-gallon) bucket should rest on the rim of the 20 litre (5-gallon) bucket.

Fill the 10 litre (3-gallon) bucket with street deicing rock salt. The salt will draw moisture into it. When the salt is soaked, the water will drip into the 20 litre (5-gallon) bucket. Empty the bucket every other day and replace the salt every three days or so.