How to Restore a Car Dashboard

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Vehicle dashboards get worn from the hot sunlight, dirt and cold weather conditions. The dashboard often gets overlooked when cleaning the inside of a car. If the dashboard is ignored, the vinyl can become dull, start to look dingy and may require extra attention to look like new. Before your dashboard deteriorates, there are a few items you can use to restore it to look like new.

Vacuum the dashboard when cleaning the car's interior. Portable vacuum cleaners with a nozzle attachment work well for this type of cleaning. The nozzle also will help better clean the dashboard's corners and other hard to reach places.

Use a damp cloth to wipe the dashboard clean of dirt and grime. If your dashboard has been neglected for awhile, also use a soft cloth to clean any residue adhering to the vinyl finish. An old toothbrush also could be used.

Use a dashboard cleaning spray with a lint-free rag to wipe the vinyl to a shine. Pick an end of the dashboard and start there, working your way to the other side. Allow the area to air dry.

Apply a lubricant onto the dashboard. Put a bit of the lubricant on a cloth and rub it into the dashboard. Start at one end and work your way to the other side. The lubricant will provide a protective coating that will help prevent marks, scratches, and damage extreme temperatures may cause.

Wipe glass parts using a glass cleaner and clean rag. Clean dirt from any glass screens. Do not apply the spray directly onto the car's parts. The liquid can run and short-circuit certain components.

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