How to Repair a Karcher Hot/Cold/Steam Cleaner

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Karcher's range of steam cleaners offers a chemical-free way to deal with a variety of cleaning tasks around your home. The high temperature steam they produce passes through cleaning attachments to remove dirt from household surfaces such as floors, kitchen worktops, ovens, sanitary ware and windows. If you own a Karcher steam cleaner and experience difficulties with it, a few simple troubleshooting measures may be all that's required to restore the machine to full working order, allowing you to continue cleaning your home using only high temperature steam.

Check the plug is fully inserted in the socket

Check your home's fuseboard to ensure the relevant fuse has not blown. If you have a breaker box ensure the relevant switch has not tripped.

Test lights or other appliances to ensure your neighbourhood is not suffering a power failure.

Switch the steam cleaner off and disconnect the plug from socket.

Lift the steam cleaner onto a worktop so you can see it clearly.

Check the modular accessory plug (the end of the hose) has been inserted properly into the appliance connector on the front of the machine. If it appears at all loose take it out and reinsert it, making sure it is firmly in place.

Disconnect the steam cleaner and allow it to cool.

Ensure there is no water left in the boiler by emptying it into the sink.

Pour Karcher descaling solution into the boiler and leave it for at least 8 hours.

Pour the descaling solution out of the boiler.

Rinse the boiler with clean water at least three times to remove the last residue of descaler before turning the rotary knob clockwise until it stops and then anticlockwise until it reaches the maximum steam output setting.

Switch the steam cleaner off and remove the plug from the socket.

Allow the steam cleaner to cool down completely.

Remove the safety cap, refill the boiler with water and replace the safety cap.

Plug the steam cleaner in, switch it on and wait for it to heat up before recommencing cleaning.

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