How to Remove a Waterslide Decal

Water slide decals are small transfers that are most often used to decorate figurine miniatures, model aeroplanes and ceramic tiles. Once wet, they can transfer to the hard, smooth surface and dry. Water decals are made for easy use and can be removed just as quickly as they are applied.

If you have the right supplies and know which techniques to use, you will be able to completely remove the decal to make room for a new one or to just leave the surface blank.

Use a hobby knife to carefully pry the water slide decal away from any model or figurine miniature, only chipping and peeling off what you can without scratching the surface. If the water slide decal is on a ceramic tile, gently rub the decal area only with a small sanding pad. Stop with both techniques as soon as it is impossible to remove more of the decal without damaging the surface.

Soak a sponge in hot water, then press the sponge up against the remains of the water slide decal. Hold for 30 seconds or so.

Begin making a small circular scrubbing motion with the sponge around the area to remove the rest of the water slide decal.

Buff the area dry with a soft cloth.