How to sell second hand books

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Is your living space crammed full? Got text books, hard cover novels or even paperbacks you don't want lying around? If you have second hand books in a reasonable condition you can make a few quid from selling them on. You will clear up space and earn a little pocket money, plus you can feel happy knowing the buyer has got a bargain.

Assemble books you wish to sell. Books in excellent or “as-new” condition have the best chance of finding a buyer. Depending on which method of selling you use and what price you are prepared to accept however, all books could potentially find a new home.

Price your books. Take into account factors such as their condition and appearance, whether they are hard cover or paper back, whether they have any dog eared pages or writing through them, the reputation of the author, rarity, and how long ago they were published. You can type the book’s ISBN number or its title into Google, or eBay to find comparable prices.

Take a picture of each book you wish to sell on-line, using a digital camera. Use a plain white background and take the picture so the lens looks directly down on the front cover, and the cover fills the frame. Make sure the picture is clear and focused. Items without pictures are rarely looked at.

List your books online. The two most popular sites are and eBay. Both require you to have an account before listing any item. On eBay, it will cost you a few pence to list your item but Amazon won't charge you until your book sells. Don’t forget to include your picture and a clear, brief, informative description of the book, including title, author and year published. You will need to consider shipping costs and remember to keep tabs on your listing as it progresses. A listing price lower than that of other listings of the same book is likely to draw more attention.

Use a site specifically for books. connect buyers and sellers, while buy and sell on behalf. Abebooks is particularly helpful for those wanting an immediate sell, and an immediate price quoted. Simply type in the ISBN number of your book and the website will instantly tell you how much it is prepared to pay for your copy.

Sell your books to a second hand book store. Depending on what sort of books you have, your local second hand store may be interested in buying them. You won’t get very much money for them but this could work well if you have a lot of old books you would like to get rid of quickly. It is better to sell rare or high worth books on-line direct to the buyer.

Hold a garage or car boot sale. This is a good way to sell your books if you have a lot of them or want to sell other items as well. Remember that people will want the books for next to nothing and will haggle over prices, so price them slightly higher than what you are prepared to accept for them.

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