How to Remove a Battery From a Philips GoGear

Just as most digital music players offer an internal rechargeable battery, the Phillips GoGear player follows suit. When the battery drains, you simply plug in the USB charger and wait for the battery to recharge.

However, even rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan and damage such as moisture can cause premature failure. In a situation such as this, removing the defective battery is the only course of action.

Remove the screws near the USB port on the bottom of your GoGear player using a Phillips screwdriver.

Pull the front piece and the back piece of the unit apart with your fingers where you removed the screws. If you have a hard time pulling the pieces apart, wedge a flathead screwdriver between them and gently pry the pieces apart.

Remove the four screws from the metal casing with a Phillips screwdriver and then lift off the cover. This exposes the battery.

Remove the battery from the remaining portion of the metal casing. Disconnect the harness that connects the battery to the player.