How to Use an Enamel Coffee Pot

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Enamel coffee pots may remind you of old western movies and period dramas. Because you don't need electricity to use them, these coffee pots are popular for campers. Making coffee in them requires a few more steps than an automated electric coffee maker.

Enamel coffee pots are either percolators or manual drip brewers.

Fill the enamel coffee pot with water.

Heat the coffee pot until the water boils.

Take the coffee pot off heat.

Put a filter holder over a coffee mug.

Put a filter into the filter holder.

Put 1 tbsp coffee grounds in the filter.

Pour just enough water over the grounds to wet them. Wait for the grounds to slightly expand before pouring the rest of the water through the filter to fill the cup.

Fill the coffee pot with water up to the fill line.

Put coffee in the percolator basket. Use 1 tbsp coffee for every 177 to 236ml. of water. Put the stem and basket into the enamel coffee pot.

Heat the water until it boils. Remove it from heat and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes.

Remove the lid and take out the stem and the basket. This will prevent the coffee grounds from making the coffee bitter.

Replace the lid and pour the coffee.