How to Replace a Fuel Filter in an Audi A4

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A clean fuel filter allows for the proper amount of fuel to reach the engine, ensuring you get the most out of your vehicle's fuel efficiency. The fuel filter also prevents contaminants from reaching the fuel injectors and engine, causing damage.

The manufacturer suggests the Audi A4's fuel filter be replaced every 30,000 miles to ensure the filter is kept clean. Performing this replacement yourself will also save you money.

Position the car ramps behind the vehicle and back up onto the ramps slowly. Place the tire stops in position behind the front tires to secure the vehicle from moving during the replacement.

Lift the vehicle's bonnet and locate the fuse panel. Remove the bolt securing the panel using the crescent wrench. Remove the fuse responsible for controlling the fuel pump.

Find the fuel filter under the rear of the vehicle near the fuel tank. Position the floor jack below the fuel tank in preparation of lowering the tank. You will only be lowering the fuel tank about four inches. Using the crescent wrench, remove both metal holding straps that secure the fuel tank in place.

Using the floor jack, lower the fuel tank about 4 to 6 inches to gain full access to the fuel filter. Use the crescent wrench to remove both fuel lines going into the fuel filter. Remove the securing bolt and remove the old fuel filter.

Install the new filter and replace the securing bolt. Reattach both fuel lines ensuring the arrows on the filter are pointing toward the front of the vehicle. Using the floor jack, lift the fuel tank back in place and reattach the metal holding straps.

Reinstall the fuel pump fuse and reattach the bolt that secures the fuse panel. Remove the tire stops and start the vehicle. Drive the vehicle off the car ramps.