How to reset Mazda tyre sensors

tire gauge image by Randy McKown from

Many Mazda vehicles are equipped with tire sensors that monitor the air pressure in the tyres as the vehicle is driven. When the computer determines that the air pressure is too low in any of the tyres, a warning message appears on the display.

The sensors must be reset after the tyre pressure has been corrected in order for the system to continue to accurately monitor the tyres. The process for resetting the system is the same for most Mazda models.

Park the vehicle on a level surface where you have access to compressed air.

Remove the caps from the valve stems on each of the four tyres.

Press the end of the air pressure gauge into the valve stem of each tyre to measure the current pressure.

Press the nozzle of the compressed air hose into the valve stem of each tyre that is lower than the recommended pressure. Remove the nozzle after a few seconds.

Measure the pressure on the tyres again. Repeat the process of adding air for a few seconds at a time and checking the pressure until the proper pressure is achieved on all four tyres. The recommended pressure is printed on the sidewall of each tyre.

Replace the caps on the valve stems on all four tyres.

Start the engine. Drive the car at over 15mph for at least 10 minutes to give the system a chance to monitor and reset based on the new pressure amounts.