How to Find the Model Number of a Bosch Dishwasher

You may need to find the model number on your Bosch dishwasher for several reasons. You might need to order replacement parts for the dishwasher, or you might need to determine whether the dishwasher has been recalled. The model numbers on all Bosch dishwashers are located in the same place, which makes finding your dishwasher's model number pretty straightforward.

Make sure the dishwasher is finished with its cleaning cycle if you have recently used it to wash a load of dishes.

Grasp the Bosch dishwasher's handle. Pull the door downward to open it fully.

Inspect the right side of the dishwasher door. On the metal door jamb, you'll see a white sticker. Look directly beneath "Model Number" on the sticker to find the Bosch dishwasher's model number.

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