How to Use Driveway Reflectors

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Installing reflectors on both sides of your driveway will make it more visible in the dark. Installation is simple. Just measure a certain distance from the road, then pound the reflector into the ground with a mallet. There are several varieties of reflectors. The Minnesota Department of Transportation recommends using the blue and white versions, as red or orange reflectors can be confused with brake lights or turning signals.

Measure 12 feet from the shoulder of the public road. This will help to ensure that the reflector will not be buried in snow when ploughs come by in the winter.

Measure 2 to 3 feet from the side of your driveway to allow plenty of room for vehicles to pass without hitting the reflector.

Hold the reflector upright and, using the mallet, drive the reflector into the ground. According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation, reflectors should not be higher than 5 feet.

Repeat the previous steps to install a reflector on the opposite side of the driveway.

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