How do I Change the Aspect on a Panasonic Tau Without the Remote?

The Panasonic Tau line of televisions offers the option of widescreen or normal format. With the remote control that came packaged with it, you can easily change the aspect ratio by pressing the "Aspect" button.

However, if you do not have the remote, you can still change the aspect ratio by accessing the television's menu using the buttons on the front of the device.

Turn on your Panasonic Tau using the "Power" button located on the front panel of the television.

Press the "Menu" button to access the television's menu options. From here, you can change many different options on your Tau and customise how the device works. Use the "Channel" up and down buttons to move up and down in each menu. Press the "Volume" right and left buttons to move between the different tabs that appear on the menu.

Press the "Volume" buttons to move to the "Adjust" tab. This tab will let you edit the picture options for your Tau. Move to the "Position/Size" menu; press the "Action" button to access the controls for the position and size of your screen.

Use the left and right arrows to move to the "Size" option and hit the "Action" button. You will now be able to switch through different aspect ratios using the up and down arrows. Select the size that fits the type of program or movie that you are planning to view and hit the "Action" button once again. This aspect ratio will be saved as your default. Press the "Menu" button again to go back to the "Position/Size" menu. From here, you can adjust the position of your screen if needed. Press the "Menu" button when finished to save your settings and return to the main menu.