Instructions for How to Use Binatone Phones

Binatone makes a wide range of phones, usually for home use such as a cordless home phones or corded phones, though it has some cell phones as well. While specific instructions vary slightly based on the specific phone and type of phone, there are basics that are the same for all of the phones produced by the company.

Charge the battery. The only phones that Binatone produces that do not require batteries are the corded phones, which are plugged into a power source and stay in the same location. The cordless phones are placed on top of the charger according to the specific phone type and the cell phones are plugged into the wall using the cell phone charger. If the batteries are not in the phone, place the battery into the phone by removing the back of the phone and placing the phone battery into the appropriate slot. Most phones will have the battery already placed in the phone, but they need to be charged before use.

Turn on the phone by pressing the small green phone button. This is the "On" button. Turn the phone off by pressing the red phone button.

Dial the phone numbers. The phone numbers are dialled like any other phone. The Binatone phones are basic phones with the typical 10-digit design and letters on the numbers.

Store contact numbers by using the small arrow pad. There are up, down and side arrows for menu scrolling. Use the arrows to select "Contacts" in the phone's menu. Scroll the options to "Add Contact" and then fill in the name and number. Hit "Enter" or the centre of the arrows. Delete contacts by selecting "Delete Contact" rather than "Add Contact" and then scroll through the contacts until finding the contact to delete.

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