How to Troubleshoot a Philips Ambilight

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Some Philips HDTV's (high definition TV's) include a full-colour ambient lighting system to enhance viewing. Philips Ambilight creates a soft glow on the walls surrounding the television---much like in a cinema before the feature. Philips says the ambient lighting provides for more relaxed viewing.

The light can be switched to fixed colours or various shades of white. Some problems a user might experience with Ambilight can be corrected by following a few troubleshooting steps.

Select Ambilight from the Philips television's main menu if Ambilight won't come on. Move the cursor to the right to enter the Ambilight menu and choose "On." Raise the room temperature above 15 degrees Celsius if the Philips Ambilight still doesn't work.

Select "Mode" and move the cursor to the right to choose between options like "Action" and "Relaxed." The Ambilight will be dynamically matched to the screen content. Try different options here to see what works for you. For example, in "Relaxed" mode the rate of brightness and colour change will be soft and smooth. In "Action" mode the rate of change will be faster.

Try changing other settings, such as the "Color" and "Auto Color" options, if the setting changes from the previous step don't fix the problem. You can select any hue -- make it match your interior, your mood or even a specific program.

Move external devices like DVD players and cable boxes away from the Ambilight if you experience poor remote control reception. The ambient lights on the Philips television can affect infrared signals, the radio frequency used by remote controls.