How to Install a Wire Jack for a Rotary Phone

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Rotary or dial phones are popular for the rotary plates that you rotate in order to dial a number. It uses a rotary electromechanical dialling mechanism that sends out an electrical pulse in order to contact a dialled number.

Telephone companies still use the same two-wire phone line system on touch-tone phones as it did for rotary phones. You can wire your old rotary phone to a wall jack to check if it still works.

Go to the Network Interface Device, or NID, just outside your house and unplug the modular connector inside to disconnect power and signals from your telephone line.

Get a pair of diagonal pliers and cut the tip of the phone cord flush. Strip off around 2 inches from the outer sheath of the phone cable to expose the inner wires, using the same pliers. Strip off 1/2 inch from the insulation of each inner wire.

Remove or unscrew the faceplate of your wall jack and loosen the green and red terminal screws. Hook the green and yellow wire of your old phone around the green terminal post, hook the red wire around the red terminal post and tighten the terminal screws to secure the connections.

Go to the NID outside your home, open the box and replug the main line modular connector back to its jack to restore phone power and signals. Check your rotary phone for a dial tone and call someone to check the connection. Have somebody call your number to check if the phone will ring.