How to Kill Norman Rossi in "The Godfather 2" Game

"The Godfather II" is a video game for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC that is based on the movie of the same name. The game allows players to take on the persona of a mobster, Dominic, who is in the employ of the Corleone family. Norman Rossi is a member of a rival mob, the Carmen Rosatos mob, and you're tasked with taking him out, along with two others. Norman Rossi is a challenging adversary, as he's surrounded by guards and can only be killed by a pistol execution.

Open the Don's View and mark Norman Rossi for death.

Go to the construction site where Rossi is hiding out. Beside the construction site is an apartment building, with a fire escape running up the back. Climb the fire escape -- this will give you a good chance to take out some of Rossi's guards from a safe distance.

Shoot Rossi's guards, leaving him exposed.

Shoot Rossi several times to bring his life bar down. You must execute him with your pistol to kill him, and to do that his life bar needs to be below half.

Run back down the steps of the fire escape and into the construction site. Work your way up the levels to the roof, where Rossi is located. You will encounter several more guards along the way.

Execute Rossi when you reach the roof. He should have no guards around him if you were able to take them all out while on the fire escape. If guards are still there, run past and let your crew deal with them while you execute Rossi. Stand right next to him, take out your pistol and shoot him to carry out the proper pistol execution.

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