How to Lock Up Your Electric Scooter

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If you have an electric scooter as a recreational vehicle or as your main mode of transportation, you want to make sure it is secure when you are away from home or not riding it. Locking it to a secure place makes it harder for a thief to steal it. If a bike rack or bike station is not available to attach to, you'll need to find an alternative--such as a light pole or railing--where you can attach the scooter without the bike getting in the way. A longer cable lock--at least 3 feet long--allows you more flexibility when parking your scooter.

Place your scooter in a safe spot such as a bike rack or in a safe area that has a pole or railing that a lock can be looped through or around.

Thread your cable lock through a point on the scooter that cannot be ripped, torn or removed from your scooter. Look for holes in the frame or handlebars.

Thread your cable lock through or around the stationary object you are locking your scooter to and then back to the original point on the scooter.

Lock the cable lock with the key or combination.

A U-bracket lock is another option for locking up a scooter. It is a U-shaped piece of metal that you can thread through your scooter and around the stationary object. The lock comes as either a key lock or combination lock.

A hinged lock is--like the U lock--a solid piece of metal instead of a chain. When using these locks, you must be able to lock your scooter to a thin, stationary object or you can use a combination of U-lock and cable lock.

Thread the U-lock or hinge lock around a solid part of the scooter and around a stationary object before closing and locking it.

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