How to Address the Rotary Club When Making a Speech

Rotary International is a worldwide philanthropic organisation that was founded in 1905 in Chicago, Illinois. There are over 30,000 Rotary clubs throughout the world that provide a variety of services to those in need. With approximately 1.

2 million members, Rotary International is an important civic group and one to whom community leaders, religious leaders and political candidates wish to speak. While there are no strict rules on how to address the Rotary Club when making a speech, there are a few ways that Rotary International presidents, trustees and district governors address club members during speeches.

Address the Rotary Club members as "Rotarians." "Rotarian" is the commonly used name for Rotary Club members and is acceptable for any person to use.

Call the Rotary Club members "Rotary friends." If you are familiar with the members of the Rotary Club, if you have given a speech in front of them before or if you are a Rotary member, you can use the more informal "Rotary friends" when addressing the club during a speech.

Address the Rotary Club as "Rotary family." Members of the Rotary Club who are giving a speech before the club may call them their "Rotary family."