How to Boot to Recover an Acer Aspire

Polka Dot RF/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Booting an Acer Aspire laptop computer into the recovery console will allow you to perform a reinstall of your operating system. This may be required if you start to receive errors on your computer that you can't seem to correct, or if your computer has been overtaken by a virus or other type of malware. Booting your Acer Aspire into the recovery console is something that must be done before Windows has a chance to load.

Press "Power" to turn on your Acer Aspire.

Press "F8" on your Aspire's built-in keyboard. This will load a specialised management screen on your monitor, called the "Advanced Boot Menu."

Use your keyboard to highlight "Repair your Computer."

Strike your Acer Aspire's "Enter" key to boot into the recovery console on your computer.

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