How to Remove Alpine Stereos

Alpine manufactures car stereo head unit models to fit just about any vehicle stereo mounting dock. If you have an Alpine deck installed and need to remove it for repairs or replacement, refer to a shop manual for your specific vehicle and do the job yourself instead of paying a professional car audio mechanic.

Lift the vehicle's bonnet to gain access to the battery terminals. Loosen the bolt holding the negative battery cable to the negative battery terminal post. Remove the cable from the terminal to prevent shorting the vehicle's electrical system during the stereo removal.

Remove all dashboard panelling from the stereo dock to access the Alpine unit. Consult your vehicle repair manual for specific instructions.

Remove the stereo's face by pressing the release button located on the lower left corner of the unit's face.

Slide the removal keys into the slots on either side of the Alpine head unit's frame until they lock into place. The keys are included with the unit but also are available through aftermarket car audio retailers.

Pull the keys with even force (left and right) to slide the deck from the vehicle's stereo mounting dock. Pull the Alpine stereo far enough from the dock to access the stereo wiring and antenna cable connected to the unit's rear panel.

Disconnect the stereo wiring (or wiring harness adaptor connectors if present) from the outlets on the back of the stereo. Unplug the antenna cable lead from the FM/AM antenna input on the back of the unit to complete the removal.

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