How to Freeze or Preserve Excess Limes

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Buying fresh and in-season limes will offer the most flavour for your margaritas, salsas or other dishes spiked with this citrus juice. Limes peak from May to October, but you can get that wonderful taste throughout the year by preserving and freezing the juice. Most citrus fruits can be interchanged in these instructions, so try preserving and freezing limes and then experiment with lemons, oranges and grapefruits. Once you get the hang of it, you can preserve the taste of fresh citrus fruit throughout the cold winter months.

Collect the ripest fruits for preserving. If the fruit is almost ripe, hold it in your hand, rolling it along a hard surface once. This releases the juice.

Hold the limes lengthwise on a flat surface. Slice through the centre of the lime horizontally. This will leave you with two halves.

Hold one half of the lime on the top of the juicer. Squeeze out the juice until all the halves are squeezed.

Pour the juice from the top of the juicer into the ice cube trays. Fill each cube about 75 per cent to allow for expansion. Use as many trays as you need.

Wrap the trays with two layers of cling film. Place into your freezer overnight. Remove in the morning. Put cubes into freezer bags. Label and date each bag.

Slice limes into rings with a sharp knife. Place the slices into freezer bags for freezing. They will remain ready to use for months.

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