How to Remove a CD Stuck in a Honda CRV

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If a CD gets stuck in your vehicle's CD player, fear not. You won't be forced to listen to the same song over and over for the rest of your driving days. There are a couple tips and tricks that will eject a stuck disc from a Honda CR-V, or any other vehicle, without having to take your car into a shop for an expensive repair.

Depending on the year of your Honda CR-V, the CD player should have a small pin hole below the CD slot. If you own an upgraded SE, EX or EX-L Honda CR-V, your vehicle will have a 6 disc CD changer instead of the standard deck, and will not have a pin hole. This small hole acts as a way to release the catch that is holding the CD in place. Unbend a paper clip and insert it in the release hole. If it works, the CD should release immediately after pushing the paper clip all the way in.

Switch the ignition to the accessory position. Push and hold the eject button on the CD player for two minutes. Then, release the button and immediately press it again. Some CD players can be tricked into releasing the CD this way. If holding in the eject button does not work, try the same technique holding in both the eject button and power button on the CD player.

Wrap the metal end of a paint scraper in tape, with the sticky side of the tape facing up. Slide the paint scraper into the CD player slot and push up or down, trying to affix the tape to the stuck CD. If you feel that the tape is sufficiently stuck to the stuck CD, slowly pull the scraper out, hopefully with the CD attached.

Insert a pair of needle-nose pliers or tweezers into the CD slot, if room allows. Try and grab the edge of the CD and physically pull it out of the player. Be extremely careful, as the potential to scratch the CD is high using this technique.

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