How to connect a wireless repeater

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A wireless repeater is a device that can extend the signal of your wireless network. The wireless signal essentially bounces off the repeater to transmit it further, allowing any other computers you have with wireless antennas to receive the signal from a greater distance. The secret to making a wireless repeater work is to connect it directly to your main network, known as the "access point." The exact method can vary depending on the exact brand of repeater you get and wireless router you have.

Measure the distance between your main computer's location and the wireless computer you want to receive the signal. You should place the repeater in a central location in between these two devices.

Connect the repeater to your main computer using a standard CAT5 ethernet cable. The repeater does not need to be in your determined location at this time. Install the repeater's software CD and install the repeater's driver software, if needed.

Turn on the computer and go to the repeater's system menu. Open the window for your primary network at the same time.

Set the SSID on the repeater to the same one as on the primary network. Do the same for the network name password and the MAC address.

Disconnect the repeater from the main computer and place it in the predetermined location. This still needs to be close enough to your main computer and router (the "access point") and the wireless computer to receive the wireless signal and transmit it.

Plug the wireless repeater into a nearby wall socket and look for the front lights to signal that it is receiving a WLAN signal.

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