How to Get Pictures Off a Motorola Cell Phone

Move pictures from your Motorola cell phone to your computer using Motorola Mobile Phone Tools. The application is designed to work specifically with Motorola phones. Transfer photos, e-mails and contacts from your Motorola cell phone using the application.

Install Motorola Mobile Phone Tools on your computer (see Resources for download link). The program's installation wizard guides you through setting up the program.

Connect your Motorola cell phone to your computer using a USB cable. Allow the computer to download and install the drivers necessary for your phone on the computer. A notification message on your computer's screen alerts you when the installation is complete.

Double-click the "Motorola Mobile Phone Tools" icon on the computer's desktop. Click "Transfer Pictures" in the application's main screen.

Select the folder to transfer the pictures to in the "My Computer" panel.

Select the picture you want to transfer from your Motorola cell phone to the computer in the "Mobile Phone" panel. Click "Transfer to Computer."

Disconnect your Motorola cell phone from the computer when the picture is transferred.