How to make a homemade Little Mermaid costume

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The Little Mermaid is one of the Disney princesses. She is based on the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale "The Little Mermaid." Little girls and even adult women who liked the Disney movie can pretend to be Ariel for Halloween, a birthday party, a princess tea, a trip to a Disney theme park, or just for fun.

Although there are plenty of Little Mermaid costumes that you can purchase in stores, you also can make a Little Mermaid costume easily on your own.

Attach sequins and shells to the pink bikini top using the hot glue gun. You can glue the decorations randomly or attach them in patterns that make the cups look like large seashells.

Cut tulle into long rectangular strips. Gather the tulle and pin it to the inside bottom of the skirt. The tulle should bunch around the skirt to simulate fins and should hide your feet when you walk.

Sew the tulle to the skirt with a sewing machine.

Glue shells and sequins to the skirt to simulate fish scales.

Put on the flesh coloured tank top first. Wear the bikini top over the tank top. Put on the skirt and tuck the tank top into the skirt.