Ways to Sign a Wedding Card

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If you're giving a gift to a friend or relative on the day of their wedding, you'll most likely accompany the present with a card expressing your wishes for the happy couple.

There are a number of ways to sign this card, which will let the recipient know who gave the gift while sending a message that signifies the magnitude of the occasion the note was given for.


Beginning the wedding card should be some sort of salutation addressing the newly married couple. You can always start with the traditional "Dear" followed by the couple's names. Or, you can omit the "Dear" and just write the couple's names followed by a dash. Even if you only know one of the people in the couple, you should write both names at the top of the card.


The body of the message is where you will write the main text of the card. As the couple will be opening a number or gifts and reading many cards, you should keep your message short and sweet, at about three sentences long. Make sure to thank the couple for inviting you and express congratulations in the message. For example, you could say: "We're so glad to share this special day with you both. Thanks so much for inviting us. Best wishes for a blessed marriage!"


After the body of the message you'll need to write an ending remark. If it is a close relative, you can write the traditional "Love," ending. Or, if it is a more distant relative or friend, you can choose from "Best," "Warmest Wishes," or "Best of Luck!" This is the last line before you sign your name, and it should be followed by a comma.


You'll need to sign the card so that the recipient knows who the gift came from. If you are giving the gift by yourself, you can simply sign your name at the bottom of the card. If you are giving the gift with a spouse or significant other, each of you should sign your name at the bottom. Or, if the event is more formal, consider writing your names with proper titles before them, like "Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Brown."