How to Unlock a Garmin FM Traffic Receiver

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Garmin's traffic receiver is included in some Nuvi GPS (global positioning system) receiver packages, including the Nuvi 710, 750T, 760 and 770. It's a subscription service, however, Garmin Nuvi devices that include the FM Traffic Receiver come with a free trial subscription that does not need to be activated. The trial subscription activates automatically when the Garmin acquires satellite signals. When the trial expires, you can unlock the Garmin FM Traffic Receiver by purchasing a subscription.

Connect the Garmin GPS receiver to the FM Traffic Receiver and to an external power source. From the Garmin GPS receiver (not the Garmin FM Traffic Receiver), touch "Tools," then "Settings" and then "Traffic." Touch "Add" and write down the FM Traffic Receiver's unit ID.

Visit the Garmin website to purchase a subscription and get a 25-character unlocking code. Follow the onscreen prompts to buy the subscription. The website functions like a normal Internet shopping trolley. Print the confirmation page, which will include the unlock code.

Go back to the Garmin GPS and touch "Next," enter the 25-character code and then touch "Done."

Touch "Tools" and then "Traffic" to display traffic incidents for your area. Touch "View by Road" to see the incidents filtered by each road in the area. If there is traffic on the route you are taking, touch "On My Route" to see the details.

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