How to Reset the Cisco 7945 IP Phone to Factory Default Settings

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Cisco's unified IP phone is designed to help businesses manage communications more efficiently.

By providing the ability to take voice mail, create conference calls and a perform variety of other tasks, the 7945G IP phone allows employees to communicate with each other without needing to write e-mails or leave their desks. The phone comes with factory defaults that are easy to modify and return to if the default is desired.

Locate the "Settings" button on the phone and press it. The display screen will change on the phone to provide different options.

Push the number 1 to select the contrast option of the phone.

Use the "Up" and "Down" arrow keys on the phone to return the display contrast to the middle range. The phone is delivered from Cisco with the contrast set in the middle.

Press "OK" to exit the contrast screen and push the "Save" key to set the contrast setting change on the phone. The contrast has now been returned to factory settings.

Press down on the phone hook or place the handset of the phone on the hook of the phone.

Push the "Settings" button on the phone and then press number 2 to enter into the ringer selection menu. Factory settings set the phone on the first ringer style.

Press the "Navigation" button to scroll through the ringer styles until the first ringer style on the list is highlighted.

Press the "Select" key and then press the "OK" key to select the first ringer style.

Push the "Save" key to save the ringer setting and return the phone to the factory default ringer setting.