How to Track My Garmin GPS Online

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The Garmin GPS is designed to direct you to where you want to go. When you program your destination in the device, it will direct you by showing you on a map and by vocally advising you which direction you should take in a step-by-step process. Although GPS tracking systems, Garmin included, do not allow you to track the progress or location of the vehicle online, there are companies and programs that can help you achieve this. This is a useful tool in tracking lost family members and stolen vehicles.

Find a company that provides GPS tracking services. They will be able to either add to your Garmin GPS or include an additional device that will track your GPS and car. In the event of a theft, they can track down the location of the car on their tracking system.

Push the emergency button to communicate with the GPS tracking unit. This button is ideal for situations such as a breakdown, emergency, or car theft or assault. The tracking unit will also notify the police.

Download a free program that creates maps and profiles based on GPS data, such as driving routes, street address and other simple coordinates. The program may be able to integrate your Garmin GPS software and track your GPS coordinators on a vector map. This will also allow the user to send SMS commands.

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