How to Change Batteries in a Mini Maglite

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A Mini Maglite is a line of small flashlights manufactured by Maglite. The flashlights feature LED lights and are powered by alkaline batteries. Depending on the model of Mini Maglite flashlight, the flashlight may use two or three AA or AAA batteries.

The batteries should be replaced with new batteries when the old batteries die. If the batteries are not going to be used for longer than a month, they should be removed from the flashlight.

Turn the head of the flashlight in a counterclockwise direction until it is removed from the handle of the Mini Maglite flashlight.

Tilt the handle so the old batteries slide out.

Slide the new batteries into the Mini Maglite handle. The negative (-) end of the battery should enter the flashlight first, so it's facing the tailcap end of the flashlight. The positive (+) end of the battery should be pointing upward, or facing the head end of the flashlight.

Twist the head end of the flashlight back onto the handle in a clockwise direction until the head is secure.