How to reclaim a job seeker's allowance

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If you have come off the United Kingdom's Jobseekers Allowance for work, and now need to claim again, you may be able to use the rapid-reclaim system. You do not need to go through the whole process again; it works as an incentive for jobseekers to take short-term contracts if offered.

To be eligible, your new claim must start within 26 weeks of the old claim ending, and your circumstances must be the same as they were in the original claim.

Book an appointment to reclaim work at your local jobcentre Plus.

Attend the appointment. You may be told a date and time over the phone, or you could receive these details through the post.

Fill in a Rapid Reclaim form with the adviser. You may be required to bring details of the work you undertook, and how much money was paid for the job.

Answer the adviser's questions. These are usually very simple, and are designed to make sure your circumstances haven't changed since the initial claim, apart from for the temporary work.

Check that your bank details are correct, and write down your next sign-on appointment.