How to Adjust Windscreen Wipers

frozen car image by Stephen Gibson from

Windscreen wipers are the part of the car that you use to clean away leaves and bugs, to keep a clear line of vision during rainfall or to stop the snow building up during a snowstorm.

If you notice that your wipers are not keeping your screen as clear as they once were, you may need to adjust the wipers into a better position. Once you align the wipers, they should go back to performing like they did when you installed them.

Turn on your wipers and let them start to move across the screen. Watch the wipers carefully and stop them as soon they are vertical on the screen.

Lift the wiper blades up by the joint where the blade attaches to the wiper arm. Hold the connection point firmly so as to apply the most even pressure.

Pull the wiper back by two inches off the windscreen and allow the arm to snap back down into place. Repeat the process a few times for each wiper.

Turn on your wipers and check the alignment. You can pull back the wipers a few more times until you achieve the perfect adjustment.