How to Program a 2000 Ford Focus Key

Microchiped Car Key image by Christopher Meder from

A popular compact car, the Ford Focus features a number of the Detroit automaker's innovative technology capabilities. One of the technologies standard on a Ford Focus is an electronic ignition key. Also known as a transponder key, it's a key that starts the engine and provides a level of antitheft security.

Once programmed, only an electronic key can start your Focus. You can program your own key for your 2000 Focus in just seconds from your driver's seat, as long as you have two working keys.

Insert your working key into the car's ignition and turn the key to the "On" position (do not start the car) and then back to "Off."

Remove the first working key immediately and insert the second working key into the ignition.

Turn the second key to "On,' then back to "Off," then remove it within five seconds.

Insert your new key into the ignition and turn it to the "On" position. Leave it in the "On" position for one second, then turn it back "Off."

Wait for the car's security light to light up. Leave the key in the ignition for 10 minutes to complete the programming sequence.