How to Draw a Rectangle With a Border in Photoshop

Ciaran Griffin/Lifesize/Getty Images

Adding a border to a shape makes it more prominent and helps it stand out in your image. With Adobe Photoshop, it is possible to add a border to any shape you create. Borders include customisable elements, such as width, colour and transparency. Change these elements to create a border that best fits your needs.

Transparent shapes and shapes that are filled with colour are capable of having a custom border.

Select the "Rectangle Marquee Tool" from the tool bar on the left side of the application.

Click and hold the left mouse button on the canvas, then drag your mouse to create a rectangle. A dashed rectangle shows your current selection. Release the mouse button when the rectangle is the correct size and shape.

Click the "Edit" menu at the top of the application, then click "Stroke." This opens a new window.

Enter a width for the border in the "Width" text box.

Click on the colour swatch, then select a colour for the border of the rectangle.

Select a location for the border. Apply the border to the inside of the dashed lines, centred over the lines or on the outside of the lines.

Select the blending mode and opacity.

Click "OK."

Press the "Ctrl" key and the "D" key on your keyboard to remove the dashed rectangle.