How to Amend Meeting Minutes

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Boards and committees record the minutes of a meeting to provide a record of discussions and any decisions made. In cases where the meeting participants constitute a governing body, such as a board of directors, meeting minutes become legal documents and may be reviewed by a number of entities.

As such, it is important to make any changes to minutes in an organised and clear fashion to prevent confusion or misunderstanding.

After each meeting, the secretary types his or her notes in the format designated for minutes.

The secretary reviews the minutes, comparing them to the notes, and makes any changes.

The secretary submits the minutes to the committee chair, who can also make adjustments.

At the next meeting, the secretary reads the minutes before the committee.

If committee members have changes, they motion to amend the minutes.

The motion is seconded by another member of the committee, and the committee discusses the change.

The secretary records the committee's agreement on the new information in the current meeting minutes as "approved with amendments." The specific changes do not need to be recorded.