How to make a call go to voice mail

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With the advent of the cell phone, talking to friends, family, classmates, coworkers or anyone else is as easy as dialling a number. However, sometimes you may wish to leave a message on voice mail rather than speaking directly to the person whom you are calling. On the flip side, you may be the receiver of a call you don't want to take, so you need to send the call directly to your own voice mail. For both incoming and outgoing calls, it is possible to go directly to voice mail, bypassing a live conversation.

Dial 267-759-3425 (267-SLYDIAL) to access Slydial, a service provided by MobileSphere that allows the caller to leave a voice mail on the other party's phone without talking to the individual.

Enter the phone number you are calling, which tells Slydial where to leave your voice mail.

Speak the message when the voice mail service prompts. Hang up when you are finished leaving the message. Slydial will leave the message on the other party's voice mail without giving the other party an opportunity to pick up the phone. The receiver's phone will show a missed call with the phone number of the individual who called, so the other party will know who called.

Turn your phone off, which sends any incoming call to voice mail. This is the best option for times when taking calls is not an option.

Deny the call. If you prefer not to speak to the caller, your phone gives you an option to deny an incoming call after it begins to ring. Press the button to deny the call, and the incoming call will automatically go to voice mail. The process for denying a call varies by phone, so consult the user manual.

Ignore the call, and after several rings, the call will go through to voice mail. If you don't want the phone to ring while you're ignoring it, set your ringer to vibrate.

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